Peeled Core

Ürün kodu
* There is a beautiful taste . However, the most useful is the bitter apricot kernel , but can consume a little bit hard .
* Inside your skin by eating apricot seeds , apricot kernels can be transferred from the crushed apricot kernel oil obtained by distillation externally with the benefits of apricot seeds and skin can benefit from the miracle .
* Apricot seeds of plants which are countless benefits of apricot kernels .
* Especially good is a shield against cancer .
* Content protection against cancer in vitamin B17 is a vitamin that is very effective and extensively in all apricot kernel bitter apricot kernel Although there is at most . * This vitamin is not found in any other foods . Apricot plant is a plant that is really special and great benefits in tiny core stores. A, D, E , K vitamins are essential vitamins contained in apricot kernels . Especially vitamin acne and acne resolves the problem . Oily skin with a terrific editor of the benefits of apricot kernel protection from wear and tear , there are a variety of dry skin . Oily skin aging much more quickly than the apricot kernel oil can be maintained with dry skin .
* If you have wrinkles , especially after age 35 resulting fine with apricot kernel oil can get rid of the wrinkles . Apricot kernel of the benefits this provides considerable improvement in people visible . Who suffer from wrinkles to practice twice a week, making the region can benefit from apricot kernel oil .
* Apricot kernel all kinds of problems that may occur on the skin alone was created as a pharmaceutical warehouse .
* Apricot kernel to eliminate cellulite of the benefits are also available. Apricot kernel oil that can be transferred to areas with cellulite problem with making an application a week can resolve your complaint . When applied to penetrate the pores thoroughly from the bottom up should be given to applying oil .