Apricot (Prunus armeniaca ) , 2-10 m in height , is birağaç thorns and hairless .
The leaves are long and lanceolate , toothed margins, are pointed or blunt . The flowers are white or pink in color and the leaves occur earlier . Fruit of the above hairy and yellowish-orange color is plummy .
Apricot, geographically scattered all over the world almost , though more so in countries located near the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, Central Asia , America and Africa to spread and habitats found here . Turkey is ranked first in the world apricot production . Turkey Spain , Italy, United States Community , Iran, France, Greece and the United States are followed . This first group of countries is over 100 thousand tons of apricot production . The first group from Morocco, Pakistan, Syria , China, South Africa, Hungary , the former Yugoslavia , Romania, Australia, is followed .
World of apricot production in Turkey is made of about 10 to 15% are available in six apricot .
These regions ;
Baskil , Elazig
Erzincan region
Kars, Igdir region,
Mediterranean (Mersin Mut , Antakya) in
Marmara Region ,
Aegean Coast .
Central Anatolia Region
Within these regions for the production of the region outside of Malatya is for table consumption . Malatya apricots , is one of the leading exports of the Turkish economy . Except for Malatya and Elazığ, Erzincan apricot production is made for export . Kars, Iğdır , Mersin , Hatay region, such as apricots grown in small amounts , the lack of quantity and quality of transport in terms chance to be exported is . The majority of the first in the region dried apricot and dried apricot production in this region, approximately 85% of the world - 90 meets . Still the world's most widely in Anatolia (especially in and around Malatya ) is located. Irrigated with sprinkler system at intervals of 10-12 days apricots dried apricots majority of 85% is given to the world market .
Mut is done in the early harvest in Turkey . The first products in the second or third week in May, matures. Continues until the end of June .